Jessica Davis
Licensed Massage Therapist


Thank you for considering me for your massage therapy treatment.  Whether you are a busy mom, stressed workaholic, suffer from back pain, have muscle tension or soreness, or just seeking some pampering relaxation, I will customize your session to address your particular concerns. After all, every 'body' is different! Please have a look at the services I provide.

Located at
Elegant Images
139 E. Denman

Lufkin, TX 75901

Why is Massage Therapy Important for Your Well-Being?


  •  Encourages nutrition and development of muscular system
  •  Muscles become firmer & more flexible
  •  Relaxes tense muscles & releases muscle spasms
  •  Aids in removal of metabolic wastes
  •  Prevents and relieves stiffness/soreness of muscles
  •  Prevents and reduces adhesions and excessive scarring after trauma
  •  Calming and sedative effects aiding in relaxation & deeper sleep
  •  Temporarily decreases blood pressure & heart rate
  •  Modulates stress hormones
  •  Increases neurotransmitters that elevate mood & reduce pain
  •  Improves circulation & blood flow

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